Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 things the wrong done by the mother

Many parents do not realize that 8 is the following error when providing food for babies. What is it? Next of them:

1. Too quick to give solid food
Babies are introduced too quickly or on solid food before the age of 4 days at risk to crash on the intestine. Such as intestinal choke. Introduction to food milk new assistant mother even made the recommended age of 6 months. Conversely, delayed breast milk can introduce a negative impact. Baby so hard to adapt to the food needed to meet nutrient age appropriate stages.

2. Commercial milk is only given the age of 6 months, infants require nutrition
additional than in the breast milk. Only consume milk after the age of 6 months is not
stimulate the formation of flakes flakes-gut him. Layer of thin flakes intestine
affect the resilience of children against infection.

3. Giving milk is not suitable
The Provision of milk other than mother's milk that is not in accordance with the age of the baby will cause problems. Milk is the source of many nutrients that include vitamins. However, full cream milk generally contains many laktosa. While the new baby's body to produce enzyme laktosa start to feel the age of 4 weeks. As a result, small babies can not feel the milk with both experienced and have diarrhea. Additional ingredient
Use of additional ingredients such as salt, sugar, soy sauce and so on in the normal amount of food is not recommended for infants who introduced the new mother milk. If the purpose is simply to introduce the taste and the amount of the extremely limited, can still be tolerated. Know the origin, the baby has not a sense in the food. Spices can be introduced starting age 8-9 months.

4. Raw eggs
Give the eggs that have been cooked well. Because the egg is quite often cause allergic reactions in infants, the provision of
new approach is recommended after the age of 1 year.

5. Menu is not balanced
Feed children need Carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals in the amount of balance. Despite feeling like a certain, still give the food varied and diverse.

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