Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Characters children seen since Infancy

True, the characters children have seen since the age of the baby. Take advantage of this is to be more careful about the fruit. In general, the infants were divided into 3, namely:

• Baby easy
Characteristics: easy to adapt the baby, not fussy the new people, have a regularity of time
eat, sleep, and so forth. How to handle: parents must be given the gift of gratitude
baby easy. He can learn from the environment quickly with the appropriate age level of attention. Give stimulation at any time that fit. Involve him in every conversation, and to make soap proximity.

• Baby difficult
Characteristics: easy to "rage" (crying while screaming / keep struggling to get free), does not have a regular schedule, difficult to adapt, when the new people will be choosy. How to handle: it is important that parents do not emotionally affected. Parents can mark the forms tangisannya, is hungry, sick, ask for attention or the other. By understanding the form of weeping parents can soon he wants to know the baby without having to make increasingly frustrated.

• Baby midst The characteristics: such as name, middle of this character is in the midst of difficult infants and babies simple. Adaptation ability, regularity, to the new baby is not easy but also not making the baby difficult.
How to handle: to continue to drive the longer the baby is positive the dominant character. For example in the case of the sleep schedule, although it occasionally does not sleep regularly, but parents must continue to consistently apply a particular pattern, so that finally things are more organized dominant.

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