Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If the child does not want to see a doctor

Try to ask some children, whether they want to be when a doctor? No wonder if some of them will shake his head. Most cases of terrified children at a doctor caused inconvenience felt when in the practice room. Unfortunately, this often does not realize the parents and the doctors themselves.

Here are some ways according to the source of nakita handling:

Playing a doctor for your child
Give him a toy doctor set, which contains dokteran stethoscope, needle tools, medicine bottles, toys and clothes doctor. Leave it a role as a doctor with dolls as a patient. With so children can recognize more dekal who actually was a doctor.

I Develop a positive image of the doctor hisa positive image with the built in
child that the doctor is a good person. the duty to heal the sick. For example, "Coughing sister akan later treated by a doctor until healed. The doctor is good." Do not describe the doctor as a frightening figure. "Beware if prankish. Mama call later though doctors injected sister!" I give the actual picture and never deceive children. When the child must be injected, while only say that the action was needed to treat or immunize it from the body with the immunization. By providing the actual information, the child will be more ready to face what will happen.

I visited the hospital Healthy occasionally at the time. when the child does not
ill. Invite him to a hospital clinic doctor so that he is not so foreign to the atmosphere there. Very good when we invite friends or relatives that he was contemporary not afraid to the doctor as a model for children.


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