Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teaching children to learn to speak

When the age of 2 years until the small can not speak, is still normal. Provided that he can use some of the words, understand what is said to him, and can follow the brief instructions. Also able to communicate through a combination of single words, sign language, and body language.

Despite that, it does not mean parents can calm - just quiet. For, when he was in trouble and not in the right, he will not be able catch up. Next I teach and encourage children to talk:

Often - often invites your child to speak. For example, with children often call when the mother worked.

• Expand children's knowledge through media books
image, show the names of objects or animals and more. or names of the objects in the home such as tables, chairs. sky, toys, and other. Can also introduce the object that is in the child's body, eyes, ears. nose. and so on.

• Make communication with the child every day. to understand the language. children must hear the language spoken repeatedly - back.

• When the children say the word is mistaken, right corrections. Children are also pleased with the libretto and listening to music. With the repeat tracks akan simple add treasury said.

• Start with words from the preferred object of children. If it is like toy cars, for example, teach him to say the word car. Continue to the word "car". "Jalopy", and so forth in order to develop vocabulary. But do not force him. For example, he can only say the word "milk" with "mi ....", let it. "He has to do with the exploration right. Slowly she will be.

• do not forget to give praise when he said the correct sentence.
When all this is already done, but children who have not provided the means, the more wise when you carry him to the doctor for further examination.

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